ServiceNow upgrades made easy

Reading time: 5 mins Audience: ServiceNow architects, developers and release managers Software upgrades have been historically a hassle for all companies, the software provider and their customers. Integrations and configurations often lead into complicated upgrades where one needs to look back at the work done in the past and try to understand the reasons behind […]

Salesforce: Periodic Health Checks, Key to Healthy Orgs for SME

Reading time: 2 min Audience: Salesforce platform responsible, Salesforce administrators Doing minor work and projects to adapt the Salesforce functionality to our business needs is a key aspect for customers when they decide to adopt any of the available Salesforce solutions. Taking the pulse from time to time to those projects is a good practice. […]

Aligning coding in ServiceNow and Salesforce to your own standards

Reading time: 6 min Audience: Architects and developers The out-of-the-box rulesets included in Quality Clouds for ServiceNow and Quality Clouds for Salesforce allow our customers to control the quality of their SaaS deployments. They ensure that any change or customization is implemented according to the platform vendor’s recommended best practices. In addition to this, defining […]

NOW Forum 18: Quality Clouds is back!

Following on from the hugely successful Knowledge18 event this year in Las Vegas, Quality Clouds is proud to be back sponsoring ServiceNow’s European event of the year, NOW forum’18  at the ExCel in London. QC for ServiceNow and Salesforce is the only software solution that helps companies to continuously improve their developments in real-time and […]

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