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Our Quality Clouds development team in Barcelona will be very busy during 2019. Big challenges ahead! We heard you and we are implementing new cool features in our ServiceNow and Salesforce products.

This is some of the features we are working in:

On QC for ServiceNow:

Madrid support – The Quality Clouds team is already working on the early access version and we will be updating soon the upgradability dashboard so you will be able to understand the impact of the upgrade in your instances before hand.


Operational scans – So far we have been focusing on code reviews and best programming practices focused on development activities. During this year we will be deploying our Admin Bot which is going to daily-check regular tasks that admins should do in their Salesforce orgs and ServiceNow instances. This will decrease the risk of problems in your prod environments and will allow you to be proactive in some of the work you need to do. DevOps in ServiceNow for ServiceNow!
Office 365 – Our MVP will be expanded to cover Sharepoint best practices too.
– Support to new clouds – Yes, we will be adding new clouds too! Companies which are already using QC as a single pane of glass for their SaaS deployments will have now more levers!
– A new and fresh UI, faster and sleeker


Have a say – Do you want to ask for a new feature to our products? Please drop us a email to info(at)www.qualityclouds.com with your ideas and we will be happy to discuss them with you!


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