4 Steps to Driving Value Across SaaS Ecosystems

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My Journey In SAAS

I’ve recently joined Quality Clouds after spending close to six years in a ServiceNow Consultancy, both as a developer and as a member of the Pre-Sales Solutions team. Part of what attracted me to Quality Clouds, both as an employee and as a product solutions expert, was the need to drive value across SaaS ecosystems, from developers to admins to end-user customers to technology and implementation partners.

The Challenge

Today I want to focus on the partner ecosystem, and specifically implementation partners.

Why should a partner, who has invested heavily into hiring experts on the platform, benefit from a solution like Quality Clouds?

The simple answer is Quality Clouds is not just a static code scanning tool – The rich KPI and metric visualization combined with LiveCheck can be leveraged by partners to increase their developer velocity, transparency in progress to the customer and overall customer satisfaction.

Many consultancies operate their projects under a similar process, though groups may refer to these stages by different names.


Initiate/Analyze => Develop => Test => Go – Live and Support


Quality Clouds Support Partners


1. Initiate/Analyze:

•Scans can provide insight to the state of a customer’s instances/orgs without having to use manual effort to investigate, identify and catalogue issues which may affect the outcome of a project.
•If the project was under scoped, KPI and Metrics from scans can be utilized to facilitate conversations to expand scope, ultimately preventing write downs and maximizing the profit margin of products.
•Scans can accelerate creation of the initial set of developer stories/tasks by identifying areas where remediation needs to be completed in a specific application before functionality can be added.


2. Develop

•Shorten developer cycles by preventing issues before they occur through LiveCheck validation.
•Tailor automated code and platform quality validation through the creation of Quality Gates configured for specific clients.
•Provide automated enablement and issue identification for consultants on areas they may need to consider but are not trained for like GDPR.
•Show customers what developers have done work on what areas of the platform.

3. Test

•Accelerate testing phase through having less issues occur in SIT, UAT and QA testing processes because code quality is backed by Live Check, Quality Cloud Scans and Quality Gates.
•Uncover reasons behind test failures faster through best practice ruleset comparison.
•Fix issues faster with detailed documentation aligned to platform-specific rulesets.


4. Go-Live and Support

•Validate Go-Live went to plan through a production-level platform scan.
•Increase customer satisfaction score by showing customer visualizations of completed quality work including the amount of code added, kinds of code added, quality of code added, and technical debt removed.

Quality Clouds helps to move red and yellow accounts to green, making users happier and more productive. Together we can help to solve pain points and accelerate development, taking charge of the client’s environment and making significant gains in their SaaS investment.

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