About Quality Clouds

Who We Are

Founded in 2016 by four visionary engineers, Quality Clouds was created to address a significant gap in the tech industry: the challenge developers face with Salesforce and ServiceNow deployments. Identifying the risks of working on unknown systems, our founders sought to empower developers with essential insights for quality and governance in SaaS projects.

Initially focusing on ServiceNow, we developed integrations to enhance transparency and quality in deployments, a move that revolutionized developer empowerment. This success led to further innovations, including Salesforce and Dynamics cloud solutions.

Quality Clouds is at the forefront of SaaS deployments, setting industry standards for development quality assurance. Our mission is clear: empower developers, architects, and organizations to confidently deploy solid, secure digital foundations for future growth. Our innovative solutions streamline deployments, mitigate technical debt, and drive excellence in SaaS deployments enabling companies to thrive.

Get to Know Our Team

Adrian Serle

Adrian joins Quality Clouds with over 20 years senior leadership experience, having led private equity backed and privately run companies across numerous sectors. He has a track record of delivering impressive business growth, working with high performing individuals and driving transformational change. 

Albert Franquesa
Co-Founder and CSO

Albert Franquesa co-founded Quality Clouds with over 20 years of experience in the software development industry. He started at a young age developing online applications and setting up ServiceNow for clients around the world. He soon became a Developer at Deutsche Bank focused on providing custom software solutions to meet the needs of the organization. Throughout this journey, he has developed expertise in both back-end engineering, front-end design, and is always looking to leverage technology for competitive advantage. 

Angel Marquez
Co-Founder and CTO

Angel co-founded Quality Clouds with over 25 years of technology and business development experience in the industry. He specialized in application lifecycle development, governance and enterprise architecture throughout his career with major technology companies in Financial Services and consultancy firms. As an entrepreneur, he launched a Salesforce services company in 2011 to help implement Salesforce successfully.

K.C. Watson
Global Head of Sales and Alliances

K.C. Watson has 25 years of go-to-market founder leadership experience at high-growth software and SaaS companies; currently running EMEA sales and alliance efforts at development governance leader Quality Clouds. Following two decades in Silicon Valley, K.C. now resides with his family in Madrid, Spain.

Bill Taylor
VP Sales Engineering
Bill Taylor manages pre and post-sales engineering, implementation, and account management efforts for all Quality Clouds customers based in the US. Bill brings over 25 years of sales and IT experience with software, hardware, integration, and implementation to Quality Clouds and their customers with expertise in software development, cloud architecture, SaaS, video streaming, compression, IT networking, and digital content creation with extensive experience with sales and strategic engagements. Bill joined the Quality Clouds team in March of 2022 and is based in Atlanta, GA.
Taher Dohadwala

Head of Customer Success

Taher has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. With his deep understanding of the complexities of both ServiceNow and Salesforce, he is always looking for ways to optimize and streamline their use. He is excited to continue to grow and develop in his role at Quality Clouds to help even more clients achieve success with ServiceNow and Salesforce.

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