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Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a popular code editor used by developers worldwide. Its popularity stems from its simplicity, flexibility, and extensibility, allowing developers to customize their workflow to meet their needs. One of the most significant features of Visual Studio Code is its extensive library of extensions. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using the latest Quality Clouds extension and highlight some of the most useful ones.

What are Visual Studio Code extensions?

Visual Studio Code extensions are add-ons that enhance the functionality of the editor. They can add new features, integrate with external services and tools, and provide shortcuts for common tasks. Extensions can be installed from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, which currently has over 20,000 extensions.

Benefits of using Visual Studio Code extensions:

Increased productivity: Extensions can automate repetitive tasks, provide shortcuts for common actions, and integrate with external tools to streamline the development process.

Customization: Extensions allow developers to customize their workflow to meet their specific needs. They can add new features, change the appearance of the editor, and more.

Community-driven: Visual Studio Code extensions are created by the community, which means there is a wide variety of extensions available for different programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

Benefits of using Quality Clouds Visual Studio Code extension:

Quality checks are an essential part of any Salesforce project development. They ensure that the code is of high quality and meets the desired Salesforce best practices and standards. Using Quality Clouds extension enforces the execution of key quality checks that developers should perform during software development.

Code Review: Code review is a critical quality check that developers should perform on their code. It involves reviewing the code for readability, maintainability, and correctness. Code review is integrated into Quality Clouds extension and provides the means to justify issues and trigger a review flow including the assignment of a reviewer. The reviewer can also be auto-assigned and will receive real time notifications to provide feedback to the developer in a timely manner.

Code Analysis: Code analysis involves analyzing the code to identify potential issues based in Quality Clouds for Salesforce best practices ruleset. The process is called Livecheck and is integrated with Salesforce elements edited in Visual Studio Code. The results of Livecheck include metadata like the violated rule, the solution to fix and the effort required.

Issue Priority: Not all issues detected during code analysis are created equal, Quality Clouds automatically prioritizes the fix of new issues. Team architects can configure what rules are the most important to address, based on: impact on users, frequency of occurrence, complexity of the fix and business impact. These rules are presented to the developers as a priority to fix.


The new extension from Quality Clouds is a powerful tool for developers looking to enhance their productivity and customize their workflow during all their Salesforce projects. Companies expanding Salesforce can establish a clear code review workflow that promotes efficient and effective Salesforce code reviews. This helps ensure that Salesforce code development is of high quality, well-documented, and adheres to best practices. It also promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within the development team, leading to better software and a more successful development process.


QualityClouds: Our extension applies all your company rules into Visual Studio Code, providing real-time feedback on code quality and style.

GitLens: This extension provides enhanced Git integration, including the ability to view blame annotations, commit details, and code diffs.

Salesforce Extension Pack: This extension pack includes several extensions for Salesforce development, including support for Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Web Components.

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