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So you might have started to notice something different about our social media and website today – we have a new logo!

This is a project we’ve been working on in the background for several months as we’ve been constructing a new brand identity. We look forward to showing you more of it over the coming months!


Why rebrand?

There are a number of reasons we decided to do this now. One of the most important reasons was to consolidate our identity and ensure that we had a clear, consistent and flexible brand.

As an example, our previous ‘official’ colour palette was rather limited, consisting of one primary colour – the ever present green. As a growing company, we needed a greater range of colours to use across our website and in our product. We also wanted a more vibrant, exciting and modern looking variety of colours.

Beyond marketing wanting some new toys to play with, we also wanted to simplify our messaging and make it clear what our goals are and who we are as a company. You’ve probably seen us playing around with a few different slogans over the past year or so and we’ve finally found one we like! More on that below…

Farewell to the cloud!


The new look

So what does this new brand look like?

As you can see, we’ve changed our main logo quite a lot. The ‘Q’ of Quality will now represent our brand in the way that the cloud used to. You’ll notice how it also looks like a magnifying glass, reflecting the way that Quality Clouds helps you to discover what exactly is going on in your platform. Expect to see our name around in lots of places over the coming months and years!

Another thing you might have noticed is how we have a new main colour in the middle of the ‘Q’. This shade of green will be our main brand colour going forward, joined by a dark blue. We do, of course, have a variety of additional colours, but you should expect to see the green and the blue most frequently. Keep your eyes peeled as they’ll start appearing in more places across the website at some point in the future!


Circling around

You’ll notice a lot of circles and semi-circles in our new designs – from the one present in the ‘Q’ to the versions you can see just above. But what’s the relevance of that? Well, Quality Clouds highlights many different types of data on your platform in a very visual way. Often this is in the shape of pie charts or dials. So we took this element of the product and worked it back into the design. You can see a few examples of how this looks in practice above!


Renewed mission

SaaS by Nature, Quality by Design

Earlier on we mentioned we’d found a new description which we felt best described what we do at Quality Clouds. That’s exactly what we’ve found in the phrase “SaaS by Nature, Quality by Design“. As a company, we are looking to promote a quality by design mindset in SaaS development and its governance. SaaS platforms have already revolutionised the workplace, but we now want to kickstart a quality revolution in SaaS.

We sometimes come across the mindset that ‘quality is a luxury’, which is something we actively want to challenge. Whether it be why technical debt causes issues, the problems when not having governance for citizen developers, or where we see the future of CI/CD, this is something we are passionate about. Designing your SaaS with quality in mind will save you both time and money down the line and enhance the value it delivers to your business.

We have therefore committed ourselves to a new mission: help businesses accelerate their SaaS deployments in an easy and reliable way through quality by design.



Despite all of the visual changes, Quality Clouds is as committed as ever to delivering quality to SaaS development and governance. We look forward to working with our current partners and new ones as we continue to evolve and bring quality to SaaS!


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