Avoiding Common Service Portal Problems with ServiceNow

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As well as exploring more about what Service Portal is, we’ll be digging into the problems face when building their own. We’ll also be giving advice and strategies to ensure you can build a high quality portal ready for your users.

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But what is ServiceNow Service Portal?

So what exactly is Service Portal? We’ll go more int depth in the webinar, but at a basic level, it’s a web portal which acts a front-facing user interface for its end users. It consists of two parts – the framework and the portal itself. The framework is where all the APIs, tools and other services live. The portal itself is a connection of linked pages.

Importantly, you can actually configure and build new user interfaces within it using clicks, not code. However, not all platform features are available on it. Jobs such as managing user roles or system security will still need to be done in the traditional platform UI. As a platform manager, you can configure your ServiceNow so that end users are by default sent through to the Service Portal UI and manage what different roles can see on there.

Service Portal supports many different coding languages and technologies – JavaScript, of course, alongside HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Angular JS. This allows a great degree of flexibility to its creators.


It Improves User Experience

One of the main reasons that you should be using Service Portal is because of how accessible it is to end users. ServiceNow, by default, has a UI which is far more reminiscent of a database. While this is useful when working on it, as your instances get bigger it can be a bit intimidating for the more casual user. Service Portal, in ServiceNow’s own words, can be more intuitive. It is driven by the same powerful technology, but is laser focused on making its UI as understandable and relevant to your business as possible.

The real benefit of a good user experience is of course that it will make users more efficient at using a platform and also increase their adoption rates. This fulfils ServiceNow’s core mission of making work work better – a good user experience can further empower its users.

It Adds to the Mobile Experience

One of the main advantages Service Portal brings is its automatic layout adjustment on different devices. More users are interacting with SaaS platforms via mobile devices and ServiceNow has been paying more attention to this area in recent times. Traditional layouts from computers don’t always translate well to a smaller touch screen. A responsive and heavily customizable solution solves this problem. Anyone looking to move their ServiceNow to mobile should be investigating a Service Portal provided interface.


It’s Highly Customizable

One of the main attractions of Service Portal isn’t just that it provides a superior user experience. It’s also because it is highly customizable even for those without coding experience. There’s a lot that can be accomplished just with clicks front he portal, without much knowledge of the platform UI. This gives you the chance to empower citizen developers and free up your more valuable coders to focus on the more complex parts.

Service Portal’s structure is a great representation of modern development – letting developers focus on the more complicated tasks and providing users with a less code-based skillset to progress work elsewhere on the project.



If you’re yet to look into it, it’s very much worth checking out Service Portal. Especially as your instances get more complex and possibly more confusing for end users. Implementing a Service Portal is not without its challenges, however. There is significant opportunity for technical debt. The webinar will explore these and provide strategies for dealing with them. Make sure to register today!

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