Configure ServiceNow to integrate with Quality Clouds

When you to subscribe to any of our quality plans, you need to configure your ServiceNow instance to enable scans to run against your instances. QC is a non-invasive, 0 deployment tool so no update sets need to be installed.

WebServices access

QC only works from Fuji release onwards. You have to enable your ServiceNow instance to accept Quality Clouds scans, performed via REST API calls. To do so the table sys_package has to have the rights to be accessed via webservices.

1. Login into your ServiceNow instance with an admin rights user

2. Go to System Definition -> Tables

System Definition -> Tables screenshot” width=”300″ height=”127″></p>
<p class=3. Look for the sys_package table and click on it

4. Click on the Allow access to this table via web services check box to enable it as shown in the figure below

Please note that the sys_package table only exists from Fuji onwards and not in previous ServiceNow versions.

Attention: An upgrade to a new ServiceNow release resets this setting to 0. It would be necessary to do this again after the upgrade.

  • IP address restriction
  • If your instance has access restricted by IP, please make sure you grant access to the following one:

The credentials you need to use to launch the scan need to have admin rights (read only would suffice). Alternatively you can use the web_service_admin role to the user as per the official ServiceNow documentation here 

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