Continuous Improvement Using Quality Clouds – Quick Guide

Improve Software Delivery

The first analysis of an instance is just the start. Reacting upon the findings, a need.

1 – Do not go for a big-bang approach. Tackle the technical debt problem. After each regular scan, review the recent findings and prioritize the work of your team so tech debt gets stabilized. Adhere to best practices on new generated code.

2 – In ServiceNow: review the Out-Of-the-Box elements changed in a regular basis. Avoid changes of functionality being done in existing scripts. Coach your team or ask your provider on how to do it.

3 – Set-up quality gates. Define which metrics are important to your organization and define the thresholds you don’t want to pass for “each build” / sprint

4 – Write (new) clean code: Define your own coding standards and ensure developers adhere to it.

ServiceNow and Salesforce delivery with Quality Clouds

Improve Operations

1 – Check the daily alerts sent by QC to your email. Pay special attention to the ones telling you that you are about to pass a threshold which can affect your licensing costs.

2 – Look carefully also to the alerts related to integrations with other systems. Many of the tickets opened in organisations are related to integrations not working properly and not tackled in time.

3 – Improve the user adoption of the platform. Through the insights provided by QC understand the actions you need to perform in your organization so end customers use more the product.


Improve Governance

By having a holistic view of how your pre-productive and productive environments are performing, you will be able to take informed decisions and reduce the TCO of your SaaS platform.

1 – Inform about all your instances into QC so all of them can be profiled

2 – Access to the User Adoption dashboards and analyze how the different instances are being used by the users. Cut unnecessary accesses.

3 – Review the governance dashboards periodically to understand the healthiness and alignment of all your instances

4 – Identify and leverage top performing development teams in the different team dashboards.


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