Devoteam UK and Quality Clouds Announce Strategic Partnership for ServiceNow

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London, 26th September 2017

Devoteam (Euronext Paris: DVT), the international ITSM digital transformation company, and Quality Clouds, the code analytics solution for cloud platforms, have formed a strategic partnership to bring quality assurance to the development of ServiceNow® instances.

In an age when enterprises need to move faster, automating quality is key in the software development process. The average worker is distracted once every 11 minutes and needs an average of 25 minutes to refocus on tasks. Companies need tools to analyse systematically the quality of the code they create, an area hitherto lacking in solutions. In traditional software development, teams depend on a variety of tools for insights into quality of code. However, in cloud-based developments the area is still largely untapped, with no means to assist peer reviews identify automatically how code is performing against defined best practice. This has now been solved by Quality Clouds with their product QC for ServiceNow.

With QC for ServiceNow, Devoteam can leverage automated quality reviews to achieve greater efficiencies with the services they provide to their customers. This means that customers seeking a reliable ServiceNow services partner need to look closely at their delivery methods and standards and consider adopting QC for ServiceNow. Quality Assurance for SaaS has just become easy.

A unique audit of the state of ServiceNow instances

Derek Nutley, country manager of Devoteam UK, explains: “With over 130 specialists optimising ServiceNow in the UK and across Europe, Devoteam offers a unique audit of the state of ServiceNow development applications and their impact on the performance of the service platform. We are the first global ServiceNow partner to integrate quality and code analysis with their delivery methods. This partnership with Quality Clouds clearly positions Devoteam as a cutting-edge services company, always looking to improve and innovate.”

Albert Franquesa, co-founder of Quality Clouds, adds: “We are pleased to welcome enterprise services leader Devoteam UK as a strategic partner. We hope this is the beginning of a great relationship and we will work hard to add new features to the product based on Devoteam´s needs and suggestions. With its adoption of QC for ServiceNow, Devoteam is sending a clear message to the market that it believes in the power of good software quality to give an organisation competitive advantage.”

About Devoteam

Present in 17 countries across EMEA with 4,500 professionals working with over 800 customers at the forefront of digital systems, Devoteam is expert in the application of technology to improve business and service performance. In 2016, we achieved revenue of 555M€.

Drawing on industry partnerships with leading technology vendors such as ServiceNow, Google and Red Hat, we help organisations transform their IT infrastructure to meet the challenges of the digital age. Our 700+ consultants deliver innovative cloud-based solutions that power the service-oriented enterprise.

To match its heritage of 22 years in service management, Devoteam is recognised as a leader in IT operations management (ITOM); making sense of the optimum approach to event management, infrastructure fault and performance requires specialist pedigree. QC for ServiceNow is core to that objective.

For more information please contact Devoteam at or on +44 (0)7288 2800.

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About Quality Clouds

Quality Clouds is an automated code analysis solution for cloud-based platforms that enables organisations to improve code, monitor quality and add development governance at the same time. It helps also to identify areas that need code refactoring, changes done to code that might affect the next SaaS upgrades, vendor and JavaScript best practices not followed and much more. Each time the tool runs, it reports back a full set of actionable data so that teams can improve quality. It allows organisations also to define their own rule-sets.

The company was founded in 2015 and launched QC for ServiceNow in late 2016. As of April 2017, QC had scanned more than 173,000 configuration elements and over 500,000 lines of ServiceNow code, resulting in the identification of more than 30,000 areas of improvement to help customers identify bottlenecks and streamlining the code of their ServiceNow instances.


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