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  • How can I provide feedback regarding an article?

    At the bottom of each article, you’ll find a link labeled “How can we help?” which you can use to provide an specific feedback of an article

    You can also rate the knowledge base articles at the end of article, using the emoticons.

    Additionally, you can send an email to help@qualityclouds,com, and provide a feedback.

  • How can I contact the Support Team?

    On the Documentation Homepage, navigate to the “Contact Us” tab where you can fill out a form and make a request to our Support team. 

    Alternatively, you can always reach out via email to, and we’ll promptly assist you.

  • How can I contact the Sales team?

    Please feel free to reach our via email to:

Quality Clouds Academy

  • How can I sign in to Quality Clouds Academy?

    Please send your request to and we will be happy to assist you

  • How can I access to Quality Clouds Academy?

    Once you have a user account, you can access it via

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