F&B Cost Efficiency: Developer Alignment with ServiceNow

The company is a renowned global food and beverage leader headquartered in Europe, setting standards in quality and innovation for over a century. Operating in more than 190 countries, their extensive product range, from beverages to baby food, is sold worldwide, making them a household name across the globe.
Since 2005, the company has leveraged ServiceNow to manage its extensive and complex IT infrastructure, workflows, and business processes. They utilize both in-house management and operations teams, along with service integrators, to optimize platform management. Their development team, ranging from 10-30 members, collaborates to handle growing demand and ensure seamless operations. As the platform grew, the need for enhanced manageability became apparent. Quality Clouds was introduced three years ago to meet this need, complementing ServiceNow with robust governance and real-time feedback.

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Key Results with Quality Clouds: Achieving Excellence

  • Custom elements increased from 17,000 to 245,000 in three years.
  • Nearly 500,000 code and configuration elements are scanned monthly.
  • 500 hours developer time saved in 6 months through Live Check, Quality Clouds’ real-time code validation tool.
  • Technical debt reduced by 5% in six months due to increased productivity from a development team with more available time.
  • Enhanced platform manageability and compliance.

The Challenge: Navigating Complexity in a Global Enterprise

As a large enterprise with diverse and expanding IT operations, the company faced several challenges:

  • Different Budgets and Solutions: Each department operated with different platforms, budgets, and service integrators, leading to management confusion.
  • Remote Teams Management: Coordinating developers working remotely across various time zones and integrating them into a cohesive development culture.
  • Shifting Team Compositions: High turnover rates in development teams, a shift towards citizen developers, and varying levels of involvement from service integrators.


A good case in point for these challenges is inconsistent naming conventions. A good case in point for these challenges is inconsistent practices across different teams. For instance, one team might follow a particular set of guidelines, while another follows a completely different approach, and external service providers might introduce yet another set of standards. This inconsistency makes it difficult to track, understand, and manage work, highlighting the complexities of unifying diverse teams and practices under a single system.

The Desired Solution: Streamlined and Unified Management

The company sought a solution that could:

  1. Standardize coding and low-code configuration practices across all developers and service integrators.
  2. Provide a centralized governance framework to monitor and manage development productivity and compliance.
  3. Reduce technical debt and improve the overall quality of the codebase and configurations.
  4. Offer real-time insights and feedback to enhance development practices and ensure continuous improvement.

"Quality Clouds LiveCheck helps the developers to validate their code compliance to ServiceNow best practices before promoting it to higher deployment environments."

The Resolution: Digital Transformation with Quality Clouds

The company embarked on a transformative digital journey, transitioning from merely scanning and monitoring to actively governing their ServiceNow platform with Quality Clouds. Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, Quality Clouds provided the essential tools and frameworks to establish a consistent coding and configuration culture across the entire development team, regardless of their geographic location. This shift not only complemented but also empowered service provider support, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The Impact: Paving the Way for Excellence

The impact of implementing Quality Clouds was profound:

  • Enhanced Governance: They began actively monitoring, governing, baselining, and categorizing data for active oversight thanks to Quality Cloud’s comprehensive portal and governance tools.
  • Reduced Technical Debt: Within a few months, they remediated 5% of technical debt, effectively utilizing Debt Manager down to the developer and single line of code.
    Unified Coding Culture: Leveraged Quality Clouds’ tools and training to establish a unified coding culture, ensuring all developers adhered to the same standards.
  • Centralized Management: Used the centralized Quality Clouds portal for monitoring platform productivity and compliance, facilitating strategic decision-making with both micro and macro data insights.
  • Continuous Improvement: Employed Quality Clouds’ automated compliance tools and extensive best practices repository to maintain high standards continuously, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and excellence.
  • Remote Team Management: Enabled detailed management of remote teams down to the single line of code without manual intervention.

QC Features Used: Tools for Success

Platform managers and architects utilized the Quality Clouds Central Portal, benefiting from the following features: 

Quality Clouds automates real-time code review, making sure that problematic code is never promoted to production. By enabling your developers to code faster and safer we free up time and resources to focus on delivering sustainable value to the business. With Quality Clouds complimenting your ServiceNow platform, you are assured that your code is of the highest quality, giving you peace of mind and confidence to innovate.

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