How to avoid fatal errors and risks in your ServiceNow deployment

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Are you experiencing performance problems? Have you lost control of your platform? Are you constantly checking for security vulnerabilities? At Quality Clouds we know that running a ServiceNow platform inevitably comes with many risks and issues. In order to proactively manage and prevent them, you need to ensure you can anticipate them. You need to take stock of your ServiceNow risk.

Join us for our next webinar on the 9th December at 4 PM GMT | 5 PM CET | 11 AM ET | 8 AM PT where we’ll be discussing how to stop fatal errors from being introduced into your platform so you can deliver a ServiceNow implementation focused on driving sustained business growth. We’ll be taking a deeper look into how you can do that with some examples we’ve come across through working with our customers.

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Why should I care about ServiceNow risk?

A recent study showed that one of the leading risks in the minds of many risk consultants is around data breaches or IT failures, with as many as 43% believing it to be a leading issue. And security is certainly one obvious risk factor here. The average data breach costs $3.86 million and takes 280 days to identify and contain. These numbers alone make a fairly compelling case for paying attention.

However, there’s a lot more to risk than just security. There are different types of risk such as operational risk, financial risk, reputational risk and more! Some of these are easier to quantify than others, but all need consideration. Organisations need to be running as efficiently as possible and minimising issues which might trip them up.

In the worst case scenario, ignored risks can result in fatal errors such as already mentioned data breaches, or significant performance issues, or business critical processes stopping to function. This can have a significant impact and these circumstances must be prevented at all costs, as we’ll outline clearly in our webinar.


How risk can hit your projects

So let’s take an example of a ServiceNow risk. You’re running a project. You’ve done some planning, but you don’t really know what you’ve got on your platform. You’ve allocated a few weeks to get this project done as a business unit needs the functionality released by then. But you then stumble across a hitch: there’s some unexpected technical debt which is going to need a lot of refactoring. The deadline is in peril and you might not deliver on time. Management won’t be happy, it’ll affect your workload and impact the other team’s work.

So what’s the solution? Well, thinking about how to proactively anticipate risks is a good start. The problem in the above example was the lack of visibility which meant for an unexpected delay. If you had known about it beforehand, it would have been much easier to manage and work into your plans. Forearmed is forewarned.


Proactive management

So how can we proactively manage risks and prevent errors? Visibility and full knowledge of what you’re working with make a big difference. You can’t prevent an issue you don’t know exists. That’s why Quality Clouds makes it a core part of our tool to deliver that total visibility to you in easily digestible ways. Plus we have solutions which help you to ensure the code and configuration you upload are of the highest quality. All of this is automated so you can immediately make informed decisions rather than having to manually gather information which is something few organisations have the time to invest in doing in full.

ServiceNow themselves also have a couple of handy tools in GRC and SecOps. Quality Clouds actually integrates with the latter to make sure any security issues we identify are immediately available to be addressed.



Managing risk and preventing fatal errors is absolutely critical for any ServiceNow team. Being able to proactively manage them will make your projects run more efficiently and, more importantly, prevent business disruption. We’ll be covering these topics in more depth in the webinar with real life examples we’ve seen. Make sure to register today!

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