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Internal maintenance in one of our production servers (EU cluster), which was carried out last Wednesday, 19th October, resulted in an unexpected release and renewal of some of our public IPs. This renewal was unintended so it had not been announced, we always try to keep all our public interfaces stable throughout upgrades, whenever possible. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the IP reallocation process failed due to technical reasons we are now investigating.

The impact of this IP renewal is that our European production cluster has changed its public IP.

Original IP:
New IP:

Other internal IPs have also been renewed, but they are not part of any public interface so they should have no impact on any public services. You can find all the affected IPs in our documentation:

Quality Clouds documentation – IP whitelisting

If you are using scan services in our European Cluster and you whitelisted the above original IP, please replace it with the new IP, otherwise you may get a “Forbidden access” error when running scans. You can check if you are affected by this change just by running a connectivity test on your instances.

We apologise for any inconvenience this unexpected change may have caused you.


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