NOW Forum London – 12 Oct 2017

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Quality Clouds Ltd was pleased to be a sponsor of the NowForum 17 which took place in London on October 12th ( The event was buzzing with energy and it was very exciting to be a part of it.

One of the highlights of the event was an inspiring keynote from John Donahoe which set out the roadmap and priorities for ServiceNow in the coming years.

A key theme which John emphasized was the importance of ensuring Customer Success with the  ServiceNow platform. Clearly this is crucial for the long term success of ServiceNow itself. At Quality Clouds we believe that we can significantly contribute to achieving customer success with our solution Quality Clouds for ServiceNow. With QC for ServiceNow clients can implement Platform Governance and Quality Assurance processes on demand on their ServiceNow instances. This allows them to visualize, assess, track, and proactively manage key metrics such as Technical Debt, deviation from ServiceNow best practices, and the overall Quality of Cloud metric. Furthermore, the different analytics dashboards included in Quality Clouds for ServiceNow allow all stakeholders, from the CIO to individual developers to access the information which they require to ensure the health of the ServiceNow platform.

The importance of avoiding excessive customization from out of the box functionality was also highlighted in the keynote. In this regard, QC for ServiceNow identifies all modifications made to out of the box elements on any instance, providing early visibility of potential issues on platform upgrades.

Yet another key aspect of the platform is the ability to build engaging user User Experiences, with rich user interfaces. This is an area in which we are actively working to bring standardized measures of User Interface usability into Quality Clouds for ServiceNow.

Finally, Artificial Intelligence, chat bots and voice-based interfaces will be making their appearance in the ServiceNow platform with coming releases. These are exciting, cutting edge technologies which hold the promise to greatly enhance the capabilities of ServiceNow. As these new features are added to the platform, Quality Clouds for ServiceNow will be enhanced in parallel to ensure that the relevant key metrics are analyzed and included in our dashboards.

Besides this keynote and many other interesting sessions, a great takeaway from the event was a chance to interact with ServiceNow customers and talk about the different ways in which Quality Clouds for ServiceNow can be useful to them. Just to give a couple of examples:

A world leader in the aerospace sector is evaluating ServiceNow as their ITIL management solution. Being able to use an independent Governance and Quality Assurance tool as part of their software development lifecycle is a significant input in the decision process.

A large industrial company with a large ServiceNow user base has just completed an acquisition (M&A) which brings in their own ServiceNow platform. Quality Clouds for ServiceNow will be used to obtain objective quality metrics for each implementation. This is a key input to decision making during the platform integration process. Because QC for ServiceNow provides granularity at the functional level, it will even be possible to cherry-pick for example the Incident Management implementation from one instance and the Service Catalog from the other.

All in all, the NOW Forum was a big success for all involved. We look forward to participating in other events, and to keep sharing experiences with the community!

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