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Quality Clouds offers key tools and features that give you unprecedented visibility and oversight of your Salesforce orgs while ensuring proactive governance across all phases of your development cycle

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Take Control, Ensure Visibility

Scan your org against Salesforce, JavaScript and industry best practices to get an instant baseline of the health of your platform.

Review a full history of existing technical debt, down to individual lines of code, that will unlock actionable insights into where a rule violation exists, its impact and recommendations on remediation. This will drive informed decision making and ensure your teams are spending their time on the right activities.

  • Baseline the health of your platform against best practices to drive informed decision making throughout the development lifecycle
  • Analyze & remediate legacy technical debt and other quality KPIs with interactive dashboards and reporting
  • Granular platform and partner visibility through monitoring KPIs related to platform health and quality of in house and external developers
Key Features
  • Scan code and configuration across all orgs
  • Compare multiple orgs between multiple time frames
  • Schedule scans or run manually for all or specific instances
  • Review results in executive and detailed dashboards
  • Inventory of org applications and configuration elements
  • Duplicated code helps to identify and refactor duplicate code

Track, Manage, and Repay Your Technical Debt

Quality Clouds Debt Manager allows you to manage your technical debt within a single integrated view and to track issues throughout their lifecycle. Automation included in Debt Manager maps a baseline of existing technical debt enabling you to analyze it and remediate it separately.

  • Improve visibility into legacy technical debt, allowing you to make better decisions about how to prioritize and repay technical debt
  • Increase efficiency and management of technical debt freeing up time for teams to focus on other tasks, such as developing new features
  • Reduce risk by baselining your platform and avoiding potentially costly problems, such as software failures or security breaches
Key Features
  • Tag issues to group and assign to teams
  • Sort by different categories
  • Display location of issue and tracking the issue
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Save Time On Code Reviews, Enhance Controls, and Maximize Resources

Quality Gates enables you to govern best practices and stop the growth of technical debt by separating and preventing new quality issues from being introduced at the baseline.

Quality Gates puts the focus on priority issues and saves time on code reviews, checks that releases are up to standards, and ensures better resource use through automating the application of customer driven quality standards to active development.

  • Save time on code reviews by enforcing stricter controls on your development processes
  • Check releases are up to standard by reviewing the new issues in each new release separately from any legacy issues
  • Ensure good code quality by preventing critical issues which may pose risks to your platform from entering
  • Achieve better resource usage by detecting and resolving issues before the code has been released
Key Features
  • Guardrail for new code being released
  • Baseline based on existing technical debt
  • Review process
  • Sign off process


Reduce Risk, Increase Quality

Quality Clouds LiveCheck allows developers to validate their code in real-time as they are writing it. LiveCheck helps identify and fix coding errors, security vulnerabilities, and other problems in SaaS platforms. This will reduce the risk of downtime or data loss and improve overall quality across the development lifecycle.

  • Reduce time and costs associated with finding and fixing defects in platform applications by identifying problems early in the development lifecycle before they are deployed to production
  • Increase productivity of developers and administrators by automating many of the tasks involved in checking the quality of applications
  • Monitor usage continuously to ensure that it is being used effectively, improving the overall quality of your platform applications
  • Focus on new innovation by freeing up the time developers were spending on fixing to bow focus on innovating
  • Fix code at 6x less expense by addressing it at source instead of when it is in production
Key Features
  • Detailed reports on the results of the checks which include the severity of the problems, the steps that need to be taken to fix them, and the impact of the problems on the application
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) integration to automate the checking of platform applications, ensuring that the quality of the applications is maintained throughout the development lifecycle
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Encourage Agility, Reduce Costs, Increase Quality

Quality Clouds provides all developers with guard rails and checks similar to what an architect would do in a peer review process, reducing the overhead and resources required for manual reviews. This multipurpose workflow empowers both the developer to work with less support and frees up the time of the more senior reviewer to work on business critical projects.

  • Another set of hands for when a developer writes code empowering them to produce the best possible code, instead of fault-finding.
  • Manage technical debt by identifying, tracking, remediating or approving writing off the technical debt by the business owner
  • Implement review process consistency by expanding from unitary element (issue) to larger software development and ensuring your code is written in the best possible way
  • Enhance your development processes by using Peer Review alongside Quality Clouds’ suite of insight and governance tools
Key Features
  • Automated fault-finding
  • Request a write-off review to senior developers
  • Send to fix feature that allows developers to request fixes
  • Review all historical Peer Reviews per environment

Quality Clouds cleans and maintains orgs with persistent scanning and developer-side governance. Our customers embed quality methodology into all internal and external teams and workflows. Visit our page on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Learn more about how Quality Clouds has implemented best practices for our clients and allowed them to innovate and thrive.​

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