Quality Clouds at ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 – Las Vegas 5-9 May

Just like the back corner of your closet, it’s easy for stuff to accumulate in your ServiceNow. After a period of time, your ServiceNow can turn into “spaghetti code”, difficult to maintain and scale.

During K19 our team of “QC spring cleaners” can check your ServiceNow instance and identify with you the main areas of improvement.

You can also talk to our customers and learn how they are steadily reducing their technical debt and governing ServiceNow implementation projects.


What You’ll Learn

Levels of configuration of Your ServiceNow

– Out-of-the-Box deviation
– Accumulated Technical Debt
– Lines of Code added


Common mistakes

– Coding Best Practices least followed
– Errors in Catalog Configurations
– Performance issues



– Assess the Impact of the upgrades to London or Madrid
– Upgradeability indicators
– How to housekeep your ServiceNow for super-easy upgrades


Interested? Visit our booth E24 in expo Hall C and start your spring cleaning!


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