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Today, the role of the CIO is becoming more critical than ever. New low-code platforms are allowing the business to quickly dry-run new product and services with minimal or null IT involvement. The role of internal IT needs to shift to a) value-added activities and b) quality for the business. All other important activities are being either automated or outsourced.

What is the shift addressed?

The challenge of this new way of embracing technologies in organisations is the level of collaboration across departments. The IT department should be the first to assess their own structure, functions and skills to easily integrate collaboration. This will enable improved delivery of value-added services and quality by proximity to the business. But before going across IT boundaries, the challenge is to integrate the traditionally disparate groups operations and development (DevOps).

How is Quality Clouds helping?

At present DevOps is marketed and sold as a new way of doing development, but in reality there is not a comprehensive toolset to be used along the development cycle in which all parties understand what is being built and managed properly. Typically, development teams use sophisticated tools during their build cycle and once their testing teams are happy, operations are responsible and custodians of the Production environment. But who is accountable for quality? Development? Operations?

In Quality Clouds we provide a comprehensive aggregated view of the assets that are being created and modified during the development cycle. These dashboards allow operation teams to understand the inventory of changes included in a release, how they may affect performance or security and be prepared to react in case of incident. Quality Clouds can be continuously scanning environments and generating aggregated reports to understand what components are changed by who, what is the difference between environments in terms of content and defects and what is the general quality of the software being developed.

Quality Clouds governance view

Quality Clouds allows DevOps teams to ask proper questions to development internal or external teams, and raise sound risk concerns as they understand what they will be responsible for. Executive dashboard or time capsule would be key to liase IT with IT and Business.

To achieve quality for the business, you need first to achieve quality for IT. And DevOps are the perfect community to track business happiness by just using Quality Clouds early reports and dashboards of applications on a daily basis.

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