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ServiceNow Utah

ServiceNow released their newest version of the platform, Utah, in late March. With a new release, ServiceNow platform owners and CIO’s are deliberating the best time to upgrade, reviewing the new features and determining how they can access those features to drive more value from ServiceNow.

At Quality Clouds, we have been busy with Utah for a while. As BUILD partners of ServiceNow, we have had early access and are excited to announce that our ServiceNow Store Apps are already Utah certified! Any customer that already has Quality Clouds can upgrade immediately without worrying about losing their in- platform developer tools and scanning functionality.

For those that don’t have Quality Clouds for ServiceNow, a new release is a great opportunity to introduce the developer tools, KPI visualization, bespoke automation and scanning capabilities to your ServiceNow environment and teams.

Quality Clouds is ServiceNow Utah certified and can help you decrease the time you need to prepare and execute your upgrade.

The Opportunity To Introduce New Tools

Accelerate your Upgrade – Upgrading ServiceNow is not always known as easy. Depending on the health of an instance and the workload of developers and partners, upgrades can involve multiple rounds of testing, development, remediation, peer review, etc to be completed in a healthy way. Often groups are only upgrading once a year for this reason. Quality Clouds can sync with the upgrade tools in ServiceNow to not only automatically find where the upgrade related issues are out, but we also provide developers validation tools within ServiceNow, so they can be confident, and code can be standardized across teams. We strive to make upgrades easy and often.

Utah is focused on AI and Intelligence features to innovate established processes – Utah has a number of AI and Predictive Intelligence features to support business driving more value out of their established processes. These include upgrades such as the Automated Machine Learning (ML) service mapping suggestions, Real-time voice transcription with Amazon Connect and Process, Workforce and Document Intelligence enhancements. To take advantage of many of the AI and Intelligence based features, ServiceNow instances need to be healthy and have robust data sets to model predictions. Quality Clouds helps get instances healthy and ensures long term health so that business may more rapidly leverage AI and Intelligence based features.

Utah brings Persona and Industry Vertical specific functionality – ServiceNow continues their outreach to bring more specific persona- based views for process owners and business managers. These include a plethora of workspaces tailored to specific personas in a large enterprise. In addition, ServiceNow Utah introduces new tailored Industry Vertical functionality for Financial Services, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Technology and Telecom.

With new views and new features comes new development. Expanding the platform is going to be necessary, and Quality Clouds can provide automated assurance that new code can be added while limiting technical debt and following best practices.


Overall, ServiceNow Utah Upgrade adds to an already powerful platform for digital transformation that helps organizations drive innovation, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of their service delivery. Quality Clouds is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure and applications and help organizations get the most out of their cloud investments by providing visibility into their risk profile. It helps organizations ensure compliance operations, improve service quality, reduce costs, and maintain a secure environment. Quality Clouds can be integrated with ServiceNow Utah Upgrade to provide organizations with an enhanced level of visibility into their cloud services posture.


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