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Quality Clouds is proud to be adding Davanti as a new member to our Quality Connect network!

Our Partnership

As a leading innovator within the New Zealand Salesforce ecosystem, Davanti is a perfect partner in building sustainable SaaS investments for our customers.

Davanti will use the software as a comprehensive quality monitoring solution. It will offer independent profiling scans and detailed platform baselines. This will provide a common starting point for projects, with areas for improvement being clearly outlined. Potential issues will be far easier to identify upfront and track, ensuring timely delivery speed.

With this new toolset, Davanti will focus on critical areas such as resilience and data security, using Quality Clouds to cut through platform noise and easily prioritize areas of concern. The software will also make it easier to identify configuration issues that impact user experience and performance. This strategic capability will allow Davanti to ensure high service performance across its managed services customers.

Quality Clouds’ solutions will also be leveraged by Davanti to tackle issues at their source. This will be achieved with solutions such as a powerful centralized best practice database and the use of real time quality checks. These will empower Davanti to build development processes with sustainable foundations, ready to be reliably scaled at speed. The resulting platforms will be ready to deliver new business functionality to users at pace.

Quality Clouds and Davanti look forward to bringing these exciting new capabilities to customers both new and old, helping them ensure their Salesforce orgs are built with quality by design.


About Davanti Consulting

Davanti is a business and technology consultancy with deep expertise in customer engagement, cloud architecture, Salesforce.com and mobility, working with leading New Zealand and Australian commercial enterprises and government organisations.

With a focus on delivering business-led, personalised experiences across every customer touchpoint, Davanti exists for the sole purpose of helping its customers get closer to their customers. To achieve this, Davanti has brought together a group of curious and driven people as a team to bring the breadth of capability that true transformation requires.

Davanti is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (https://www.dentsuaegisnetwork.com/nz/en), the first global marketing services group built for the digital economy. Davanti’s 130-strong team spans locations in Auckland, Wellington and the East Coast, Australia.

About Quality Clouds

Quality Clouds is a SaaS configuration analysis platform for ServiceNow, Salesforce & SharePoint with a specific focus on platform structure and best practice. It allows IT professionals to govern their SaaS development, understand platform inventory, automate code reviews, and build even better applications, increasing the development velocity and reducing the cost of change.

Quality Clouds uses its findings from the users’ SaaS platforms and allows them to easily integrate them into other platforms such as Jira, ServiceNow and Slack, in order to drive efficient development processes.

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Quality Clouds was created to address a significant gap in the tech industry: the challenge developers face with Salesforce and ServiceNow deployments. Identifying the risks of working on unknown systems, our founders sought to empower developers with essential insights for quality and governance in SaaS projects.

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