Salesforce Developer Console – Implementing Real Time Code Checks

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We can use the Salesforce Developer Console to create, debug and test applications in our Salesforce orgs. While we’re doing this, the quality of the code is something that’s usually on our minds. Yet code reviews take a long time and many find them frustrating. How can we keep our code to best practice while keeping the effort invested as low as possible? Well, now with Quality Clouds you can also verify best practices in real time with our new Chrome app.


What is the Application?

The QC LiveCheck® application checks your code against our own database of hundreds of inbuilt rules. These are from Salesforce best practices pages and support forums, standard industry tools like PMD, ESLint and RetireJS and the full version gives you the opportunity to build your own rules and thresholds.

Having custom rules is useful when your codebase has repetead coding issues that you want to address and clean up. QC LiveCheck® enables the creation of such rules easily. You can set the time to fix in order to gamify development teams cleaning the code. For example, adding Field Level Security takes just 30mins, so let’s get to it!

Using the app with the Salesforce Developer Console allows you to identify potential problems, from inconsistent naming schemes to security vulnerabilities, and converts these problems into actionable easy-to-understand results on the spot.



And there’s more!

The full QC LiveCheck® application provides handy extra information like which developer introduced a specific issue, and when. This filter lets you focus on optimizing team quality. The application itself offers a great opportunity to help your team learn on the go, actively engaging with best practices as they code. This on the job training makes it easier for your developers to deliver high quality results while also ensuring they need to spend less time reviewing their code.

Another interesting feature in the app is the ability to write off issues, which is the ability to mute issues with a justification. In the future they will be incorporated into the baseline rather than being marked as active. This baselining feeds into QC LiveCheck®’s full functionality with its Quality Gates compatibility. Quality gating lets you start afresh on new Salesforce projects, by isolating existing baseline issues and bad practices. It also ensures that poor quality code is prevented from entering your platform.




Getting Started

To get your code checker up and running for the Salesforce Developer Console, developers first need to install the QC LiveCheck® Chrome extension here. Then you need an API key to jump start checking best practices in real time. And that’s it! No need to set up complex tools with difficult rulesets, this can take a matter of minutes.

You can register for a free API key to trial the application. Please get in touch with your account manager or email us at for more information on how to get full access.


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