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Press Release – 22 March 2019

We are proud to announce a new partnership between Quality Clouds and VASSIT.

Quality Clouds (QC) specialises in empowering businesses to develop higher calibre cloud-based software, faster and more efficiently. Its customer-base is primarily composed of companies that use Salesforce, the market-leading CRM platform employed by over 150,000 businesses worldwide. Salesforce is designed to be easy to set up and customise, but QC has found that many companies don’t use the platform in line with best practices.

Internal IT teams tend to build applications that add various adjustments to the base Salesforce system, without truly understanding how these changes affect the platform’s architecture. These apps work fine, for a while. But when it’s time to scale the application or upgrade Salesforce, companies find themselves forced to rewrite reams of code. This laborious task could be avoided if best practices were followed from the start.

That’s where Quality Clouds comes in. The automated solution is capable of scanning code in real-time and automatically flagging areas for improvement. It focuses on 3 key pillars:

Implementation Health Check

–  QC checks the health status of your current implementations, identifying risks, and proposing remediation plans within minutes.

Ensuring Scalability and Performance

–  QC makes certain your platform is fighting-fit to grow alongside your business and app performance is always optimised.

Advanced Partner Management

– With multiple teams and partners working in the same Salesforce environment, QC gives you full visibility into what partners are implementing and ensures they’re also following best practice.

VASSIT is a Salesforce Gold consulting partners, with over 135 certifications and 10+ years of Salesforce experience. Their client satisfaction rating is 9.5/10 and their commitment to delivering for our customers is uncompromising.

This all means you can expect the highest level of support and reliability, and outstanding results, when you choose VASSIT and Quality Clouds to manage and optimise your Salesforce apps.

The value for businesses is clear: Quality Clouds saves you time and money while improving the performance and longevity of your cloud applications. Add VASSIT into the mix, with our vast experience of agile working and certified Salesforce expertise, and that value only increases.

We can’t wait to begin offering this fantastic solution to our customers.

For more information about how VASSIT and Quality Clouds can streamline your orgs, get in touch today.

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Quality Clouds was created to address a significant gap in the tech industry: the challenge developers face with Salesforce and ServiceNow deployments. Identifying the risks of working on unknown systems, our founders sought to empower developers with essential insights for quality and governance in SaaS projects.

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