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Improving instance health saves the organisation money by making it easier to upgrade and on-board new feature sets. A third-party application like Quality Clouds can keep an active vigil and control over your ServiceNow platform.

Within 6 months, our client had plugged their hole on new technical debt entering the system.

A customer who recently bought the Live Check tool as part of their Quality Clouds Package embedded quality checks at key points in their devops journey. They have a global team of 50+ developers constantly building new business functions on the ServiceNow platform.

The main challenges were:
• Not having a centralised control of the development best practices
• Lack of visibility into the most common issues faced by developers.

This would enable the Centre of Excellence (COE) team to monitor the quality of work delivered by their highly distributed team and guide them on how to code better. 6 months after going live with Quality Clouds real time scanning capabilities the team had solved the problem and started working on fixing the legacy technical debt. This had been building up on the platform since 2012.

Companies can tap into an existing database of 500+ best practices.

With Quality Clouds you get access to a best practices library of 550+ rules. The library is continuously enriched, not only by our inhouse rules engineers, but also by our customers. They provide insight into the real world code & configuration issues faced by their teams on a sprintly basis.

The customer success team at Quality Clouds regularly gathers inputs on new rules customers would like to add to their ruleset . These could range from client specific REGEX rules to complex coding standards to configuration policies compliance. After which our dynamic product team starts rolling out these rules in our monthly release cycles. See It, Say it, Sorted.

With our Quality Gates add-on, organisations can build a baseline and track the quality of NEW code.

Many of our customers are overwhelmed with the amount of best practice violations on their instances revealed through our scans. The issue count ranges from 8K -12k for such customers. These are often customers who have been using ServiceNow for more than 5 years.

We prevent the situation from becoming worse and avert an expensive re-platforming exercise. Quality Clouds allows its customers to baseline the issues according to the scan dates. We then give the developers visibility into issues that have been introduced by them against what was built in the past. This clear distinction between legacy and new issues is the key to control new technical debt from being added to the platform.

Recommendations give insight into how to solve any issues that checking raises.

The Quality Clouds scans not only reveal the best practice violations but also provide documentation with examples on how to remediate the issues. This is available on the click of a button in the issues table within ServiceNow or you can log on to the BI portal for a more detailed analysis of issues with the help of filters and additional columns such as ‘Time to Fix’ and ‘Applications’.

The customer success team at Quality Clouds also periodically generates analytical reports specifically for users to manage technical debt old or new. The scans also pinpoint areas of customisation which can then be reverted back to OOTB. This can be a huge accelerator and lead to significant time being saved for major version upgrades. Some customers reported cutting down upgrade timelines from days to hours. Many of our customers also found the Live check feature to be immensely helpful for the developers as it has led to significant savings of effort before and after upgrades.

Make upgrades quicker and new features easier

There are things which manual code reviews and experienced eyes can miss, which Quality Clouds can easily identify and link to a best practice. Besides, at Quality Clouds we keep adding to our repository of best practices, which means keeping pace with the latest industry standards, be it upgrades or a best practice. In the end, Instance health improves massively making upgrades cheaper and on-boarding new feature sets easier. This saves our clients time and money.

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