Security in QC for ServiceNow

Quality Clouds is a fully cloud-based solution.

As a Quality Clouds customer, you remain in 100% control of your data at all times.

This is assured in the following ways:

  • Since you define the credentials with which Quality Clouds connects to your ServiceNow instance, you remain in full control of the data which Quality Clouds can access
  • Quality Clouds will only access the contents of those tables which hold code of configuration elements, and will not access transactional or business sensitive data stored in your ServiceNow instance.
  • Quality Clouds will only store in its servers the summary data related to the issues detected in your instance, as well as the list of configuration items which have been modified. The source code is analysed in-memory, and it is never persisted.
  • The user you create to access your instances can be an admin with web services access only. You can also create restrictions by using ACLs to the tables we access. Contact us to know more.
  • As owner of the data, you can always ask us to delete it
  • No emails are captured from the instance.

In our Terms and Conditions page you will find more details about data handling.

Quality Clouds

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