Quality Clouds Solutions for

Build Better on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Empower your team by providing comprehensive visibility to optimize and elevate platform performance, and truly understand the current state of your issues, ensuring you’re always in control and ahead of the curve

  • Scan Instance Code – Baseline the health of your platform against M365 Dynamics tenant or repository, configurations and Javascript code (including citizen development).
  • Platform Visibility – Analyze & remediate legacy technical debt and other quality KPIs with interactive dashboards and reporting.
  • Actionable and Granular Insights – Identify where rule violations exist , its impact on your environment, and recommendations for remediation.
  • Devops Governance – Optimize team, and granular platform visibility through monitoring KPIs related to platform health and quality of in-house and external developers.


Quality Clouds Microsoft Tool Set

Platform Scan – Provides a full history of existing technical debt, down to individual line of code to help you baseline the health of your platform

Debt Manager – Dashboards and KPIs analyzing legacy technical debt with actionable remediation recommendations

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