How to Improve ServiceNow Configuration Governance

Join our Webinar on Quality Gates Discover how to set realistic goals for understanding technical debt and controlling updates. Find out how your business can improve ServiceNow configuration governance with quality gates. Join our Customer Success Manager, Taher Dahodwala to find out more on Thursday, 9th December at 4pm GMT.   How can your Business Improve […]

Salesforce Custom Objects: Best Practices

Salesforce is a great platform that allows for Salesforce Teams to bring value to customers everyday with no code. But with this power comes a lot of responsibility! It’s all too easy to create custom objects, fields and automation whether you’re dino-experienced or a freshly baked Salesforce bun so it’s key that you need not […]

Decluttering ServiceNow

Older and larger ServiceNow implementations have a tendency to become very cluttered. Abandoned projects, makeshift solutions, redundant workarounds and more can start to clog up your instance. Knowing this, we often see many organizations considering whether they should invest in cleaning up their implementation. The thought of decluttering ServiceNow scares many teams due to the […]

Decluttering Salesforce

Over time, orgs inevitably become cluttered. Having a larger implementation normally results in an even bigger mess. The important question is whether it’s worth the significant effort often required to clean that mess up. And where should you start when decluttering Salesforce orgs?   Why you Should be Decluttering Salesforce There are many good reasons […]

Common mistakes when building your ServiceNow Catalog

Reading time: 4-5 minutes Audience: ServiceNow Administrators; Catalog developers; Platform owners Connect: Get my free automatic assessment of my ServiceNow Catalog now ServiceNow provides very powerful functionality around Service and Product Catalog management. Indeed, this is one of the most used platform capabilities, and what is more important, one of the most widely visible in […]

Analyzing your ServiceNow update set

Before promoting or installing an update set to an instance, it is always good to check first  its quality and what’s actually in it. ServiceNow technical best practices that need to be followed by instance developers are changed quite often – almost for each release. You can do check the update sets manually and perform […]

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