30% Technical Debt Reduction – Global Petroleum Company

Customer: Global Petroleum Company The customer, a leading international petroleum company ranking among the top 5 globally, faced challenges in ensuring developers were following best practices and controlling technical debt within its extensive and complex ServiceNow platform. The company lacked a centralized approach for code review processes, making it challenging to oversee code output and […]

Harnessing the Power of Best Practices – EDP

Situation As an early and innovative customer of ServiceNow, EDP’s needs went beyond the initially available out-of-the-box functionality. They, therefore, began to customize their platform to better adapt it to their business requirements. As time went on and ServiceNow began to release the required functionality, EDP started to look at phasing out their old customizations. […]

Increasing The Development Velocity – Major International Bank

Situation As they were developing and expanding their ServiceNow implementation, the bank realized that technical debt was being introduced and mounting in the background. Over time, this would have driven up the cost of change and made development less predictable. To tackle the problem, they devised a three-point plan to first measure it, then stabilize […]

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