Config vs Custom in SaaS: Navigating the AI Landscape for Sustainable Growth

The Overcoding Conundrum in SaaS Environments In an era where Salesforce and ServiceNow dominate the SaaS landscape, a pressing concern has emerged from the core of digital strategy discussions—overcoding and technical debt generation. This phenomenon, characterized by excessive reliance on custom coding over out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality, presents a significant challenge for organizations striving to maintain […]

How to Improve ServiceNow Configuration Governance

Join our Webinar on Quality Gates Discover how to set realistic goals for understanding technical debt and controlling updates. Find out how your business can improve ServiceNow configuration governance with quality gates. Join our Customer Success Manager, Taher Dahodwala to find out more on Thursday, 9th December at 4pm GMT.   How can your Business Improve […]

SaaS Best Practices – Why Following them Matters

SaaS best practices and coding standards are topics that could be discussed endlessly. Organisations have their own coding standards which can differ depending upon industry. This post will describe some of the main reasons people should and do follow SaaS best practices. Fairly often engineering teams and developers discover problems with their code after having […]

Advantages of Scoped Applications in ServiceNow

What exactly are Scoped Applications and what are their advantages in ServiceNow? To set the stage, we’ll begin with what a scoped application is, discuss some of the benefits using scoped applications vs. developing in the global scope, and then finally we’ll talk through some of the common use cases for scoped apps.   What […]

Continuous Quality – The Missing CI/CD Ingredient

The problem with CI/CD   Over recent years CI/CD has become a mainstream concept in modern SaaS development. The approach is becoming increasingly popular among top performing organizations. In a recent Gartner study, 51% of these organizations were likely to explore new architecture and tools. With a focus on automation and creating a flexible yet […]

Duplicate Code – The Hidden Dangers, Part 2

In the second part of this series, we look at how code duplicates are created and what you can do to solve duplicate code issues. In the first part we covered what code duplication actually is and why it’s an issue.   How are Code Duplicates Created? We’ve already looked at why code duplication is […]

Duplicate Code – The Hidden Dangers, Part 1

Welcome to the first of a two-part blog where we look into duplicate code. In this first blog we’re looking at the deceptively simple question of what duplicate code actually is before getting into why it poses problems.   What is Duplicate Code? Surely duplicate code is as simple as it sounds? Code which is […]

Aligning coding in ServiceNow and Salesforce to your own standards

Reading time: 6 min Audience: Architects and developers The out-of-the-box rulesets included in Quality Clouds for ServiceNow and Quality Clouds for Salesforce allow our customers to control the quality of their SaaS deployments. They ensure that any change or customization is implemented according to the platform vendor’s recommended best practices. In addition to this, defining […]

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