Manage No/Low Code Project Risk: How Quality Clouds Can Help

Service Providers can better manage technical, financial and reputational risk on no/low code projects with Quality Clouds’ early system data-gathering   In ServiceNow and Salesforce low-code projects it helps to know what you’re dealing with from the outset. We take a look at how early analysis can help manage no/low code project risk and get […]

Salesforce Developer Console – Implementing Real Time Code Checks

We can use the Salesforce Developer Console to create, debug and test applications in our Salesforce orgs. While we’re doing this, the quality of the code is something that’s usually on our minds. Yet code reviews take a long time and many find them frustrating. How can we keep our code to best practice while […]

Advantages of Scoped Applications in ServiceNow

What exactly are Scoped Applications and what are their advantages in ServiceNow? To set the stage, we’ll begin with what a scoped application is, discuss some of the benefits using scoped applications vs. developing in the global scope, and then finally we’ll talk through some of the common use cases for scoped apps.   What […]

ServiceNow and COVID-19

It’s undeniable that 2020 has been a tough year for many people around the world and many businesses have faced unprecedented difficulties. But looking more closely, how exactly has COVID-19 impacted ServiceNow implementations? Have they still been growing or did they come spluttering to a halt? We did some analysis of how users were developing […]

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