SaaS Best Practices – Why Following them Matters

SaaS best practices and coding standards are topics that could be discussed endlessly. Organisations have their own coding standards which can differ depending upon industry. This post will describe some of the main reasons people should and do follow SaaS best practices. Fairly often engineering teams and developers discover problems with their code after having […]

Distributed Development – Managing Remote Teams

Why to Care about Distributed Development Distributed development, by definition, can be logistically complicated and requires strong management to undertake successfully. Organizing teams working across different geographies and aligning their vision on one overarching project is demanding. A general rise in remote-working, even before the COVID-19 outbreak, means that organizations need to be able to […]

Citizen Development Governance

Having last time looked at the rise of citizen development, today we’ll be looking at associated risks and how to keep track of your platform. Though citizen developers can drive significant efficiencies, they also have their downsides.   Citizen Development Risks Most of the risks of citizen development stem from a single route cause. Such […]

The Rise of the Citizen Developer

The revolution in SaaS and Low Code Application Platforms (LCAPs) has seen a new trend emerge in IT – the rise of the citizen developer. Today we’ll be looking at what this term means and the implications it has for organizations.   Low Code Application Platforms Nowadays a key part of practically every company’s business […]

Quality Clouds boosting DevOps

Reading time: 5 min Audience: Operations; developers; architects; automation teams; Today, the role of the CIO is becoming more critical than ever. New low-code platforms are allowing the business to quickly dry-run new product and services with minimal or null IT involvement. The role of internal IT needs to shift to a) value-added activities and […]

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