Salesforce Customization vs Configuration

Introduction One of the reasons why Salesforce has been successful in the SaaS space is its configuration capability which enables organizations to build solutions and maintain the platform without going through heavy development efforts. Customers can build workflows to support their business process with the out of box configuration elements that are easy to use, […]

Reducing Configuration Risk in SaaS with Peer Reviews

How peer review can reduce configuration risk with collaboration and continuous learning. Join our webinar on Controlling Configuration Risk in ServiceNow with Peer Review on Thursday, October 21st at 4pm BST and learn how to identify potential issues by encouraging collaboration in your team.   More .. Cheaper .. Faster … We all know that […]

Salesforce Custom Objects: Best Practices

Salesforce is a great platform that allows for Salesforce Teams to bring value to customers everyday with no code. But with this power comes a lot of responsibility! It’s all too easy to create custom objects, fields and automation whether you’re dino-experienced or a freshly baked Salesforce bun so it’s key that you need not […]

ServiceNow Customization Guide

There is something of a mantra in the SaaS industry of ‘configure don’t customize’. Along with keeping to out of the box, ServiceNow customization is a topic that keeps on coming up in architectural decisions. We’ve got a guide to help you better understand the topic and make conscious decisions about if you want to […]

ServiceNow Out of the Box – How to Revert

There’s been a lot of talk in recent times about returning ServiceNow to out of the box functionality. ServiceNow themselves have been encouraging it and many managers and architects have been focusing on it as a goal. But what is it and why is it desirable?   What is Out of the Box? So let’s […]

Citizen Development Governance

Having last time looked at the rise of citizen development, today we’ll be looking at associated risks and how to keep track of your platform. Though citizen developers can drive significant efficiencies, they also have their downsides.   Citizen Development Risks Most of the risks of citizen development stem from a single route cause. Such […]

The Rise of the Citizen Developer

The revolution in SaaS and Low Code Application Platforms (LCAPs) has seen a new trend emerge in IT – the rise of the citizen developer. Today we’ll be looking at what this term means and the implications it has for organizations.   Low Code Application Platforms Nowadays a key part of practically every company’s business […]

4 best practices to align your ServiceNow instance to the out-of-the-box functionality

Reading time: 6 min Audience: ServiceNow platform owners; developers; architects During the Barcelona ServiceNow partners event back in March and also in John Donahoe’s keynote in Knowledge 18 in Las Vegas, ServiceNow encouraged partners and customers to commit to the Out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality in ServiceNow instances. This has two main objectives: * to get the most […]

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