Speed vs quality in Salesforce projects

Just like with innovation and speed, there is a tipping point where more of it diminishes returns. With Software, when innovation becomes a priority without governance it can impact the long-term productivity and the quality of the systems being implemented. Hence quality should always be factored into the overall design, development, and implementation model. From […]

Starting Salesforce Projects Properly

Salesforce is great for many reasons, one is the concept of citizen development. The ability to enhance the application with low code, clicks, drag and drop configuration. But with great power comes great responsibility. It’s very easy to go ‘gung-ho’ and start creating stuff here, there and everywhere. Hold on! Before you start a Salesforce […]

Reducing Salesforce Project Complexity

What is complexity? It is where certainty and the gradient of agreement meets. Let’s have a look at the ‘Stacey Chart’: Where there is simplicity, you have high certainty and agreement. Within Salesforce these are opportunities to get them scheduled or even better automated! Items at the top right, are not ready to tackle yet, […]

Why Do So Many Projects For Salesforce Fail?

Your CRM is the lifeblood of your company and the beating heart of the enterprise growth process. Forrester Research actually found that when a CRM system is correctly implemented, you can see around a 245% ROI yield as a general number. Other research also points to a significant 26% increase in customer retention. This proves […]

Managing Salesforce projects effectively – The 5Cs life line Part 2

We started to look at the 5Cs that are key to the delivery of Salesforce projects: • Clear goal • Concise requirements • Clarification questions • Challenge candidly • Collaborate visually We kicked off with; goals, requirements and questions, which you can find here. Now let’s check out how we can challenge candidly but effectively and […]

Managing Salesforce projects effectively – The 5Cs life line Part 1

Managing projects is challenging at the best of times, but managing Salesforce projects or those in other cloud based environments comes with hidden pickles. So how do we go about managing Salesforce projects effectively to enable the best out of our teams, our customers and our beloved Salesforce platform. Let’s start by looking at five […]

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