Reducing Configuration Risk in SaaS with Peer Reviews

How peer review can reduce configuration risk with collaboration and continuous learning. Join our webinar on Controlling Configuration Risk in ServiceNow with Peer Review on Thursday, October 21st at 4pm BST and learn how to identify potential issues by encouraging collaboration in your team.   More .. Cheaper .. Faster … We all know that […]

Continuous Quality – The Missing CI/CD Ingredient

The problem with CI/CD   Over recent years CI/CD has become a mainstream concept in modern SaaS development. The approach is becoming increasingly popular among top performing organizations. In a recent Gartner study, 51% of these organizations were likely to explore new architecture and tools. With a focus on automation and creating a flexible yet […]

Training your team to use best practices

Best practice is something that is drummed into us as a young age; how to brush our teeth, wash our hands (recently relearned), make the bed, get dressed …  but we tend to stray away from what best practice looks like as we grow, develop and increasingly experience pressure within our day to day lives. […]

Distributed Development – Managing Remote Teams

Why to Care about Distributed Development Distributed development, by definition, can be logistically complicated and requires strong management to undertake successfully. Organizing teams working across different geographies and aligning their vision on one overarching project is demanding. A general rise in remote-working, even before the COVID-19 outbreak, means that organizations need to be able to […]

International Team – Managing Remote SaaS Workers

Managing an international team across different offices is a tricky task. This is made all the harder when you’re dealing with teams who operate in different timezones. If you’re based in California and are also responsible for European and Asian teams it can become a constant logistical battle to ensure everything stays on track. With […]

User Adoption Strategy for SaaS -Do you have One?

The average company spent $343,000 on SaaS in 2018, up 78% from the previous year. With this level of investment, it’s more vital than ever that employees are taking advantage of these ever-increasing purchases. A user adoption strategy becomes a necessity. Last year around a third of companies had user adoption rates for their CRM […]

Quality Clouds Application now certified in the ServiceNow® Store

18th April, London. Quality Clouds, the governance and quality monitoring solution for SaaS platforms, announced today it has received certification of its application integration with ServiceNow® and it is now available in the Service Store. Quality Clouds is the quality management tool for SaaS platforms that helps companies build applications at lightspeed by assisting developers […]

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