ServiceNow Development Report 2021 – Newly Released

The Quality Clouds 2021 ServiceNow Development Report is out! This year’s report is more comprehensive than ever before, with brand new stats and more in-depth trends. With data from over 127 different instances, the report takes a deep dive into industry trends, highlights common ServiceNow platform issues and provides a view of the average instance. […]

Advantages of Scoped Applications in ServiceNow

What exactly are Scoped Applications and what are their advantages in ServiceNow? To set the stage, we’ll begin with what a scoped application is, discuss some of the benefits using scoped applications vs. developing in the global scope, and then finally we’ll talk through some of the common use cases for scoped apps.   What […]

ServiceNow Customization Guide

There is something of a mantra in the SaaS industry of ‘configure don’t customize’. Along with keeping to out of the box, ServiceNow customization is a topic that keeps on coming up in architectural decisions. We’ve got a guide to help you better understand the topic and make conscious decisions about if you want to […]

To Customize or Not to Customize?

One major cause of SaaS platforms becoming unwieldy and difficult to maintain and scale is over-customization. There are an increasing amount of companies that are seeking to return their platforms to out-of-the-box functionality so they can start afresh. Once accomplished, they aim to configure, not customize. Having said that, it’s clear at times it’s necessary […]

ServiceNow Upgrade Guide

Why Upgrade? Upgrading your ServiceNow setup is a daunting task for any company. It can become the entire focus of a ServiceNow team for an extended period of time and it may require outside partners to be brought in to help. So if it is such a drain of resources, why do you need to […]

Quality Clouds Application now certified in the ServiceNow® Store

18th April, London. Quality Clouds, the governance and quality monitoring solution for SaaS platforms, announced today it has received certification of its application integration with ServiceNow® and it is now available in the Service Store. Quality Clouds is the quality management tool for SaaS platforms that helps companies build applications at lightspeed by assisting developers […]

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