The Top 7 Reasons We Loved Dreamforce 2019

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Two weeks on from Dreamforce and we still can’t get it out of our heads. We’ve come up with a list of the top 7 reasons we loved Dreamforce 2019:


1. Ohana

Is there anything better than meeting up with the Salesforce Community? We met up with some great people while we were over there, having great conversations with people from all parts of the Salesforce ecosystem and from all around the world. Hearing different points of view and making new friends is always the best part of any Salesforce event.


2. The Special Guest Speakers

There were some truly inspiring speakers at Dreamforce this year. Emilia Clarke’s moving talk about her battles with her health was a standout, with Steph Curry and Obama also giving memorable talks.



3. The Success Stories

Something to watch out for at any conference is how Salesforce has changed the lives of customers and this year at Dreamforce was no exception. The customer success keynote was especially inspiring, with a great speech from Nokia and e.l.f. Cosmetics giving a Wizard of Oz themed talk (talking about their heart and courage).


4. Dreamfest

One of the biggest spectacles of the whole event was the concert put on at Oracle Park. From the band performing during the wait to get in, to a really strong performance from Beck, the evening was fantastic. The variety of snacks were a treat, but the real highlight of the night was Fleetwood Mac who delivered a knockout performance, much to the envy of the staff who had to stay in the office!



5. Food

We’re massive fans of good food at Quality Clouds and we were happy that there was a wide variety on offer with pizza, noodles, Mexican food and more! With restaurants reserved just for the attendees, everyone was well catered for!


6. The Trailhead App

So if you’re using Salesforce you’ve probably been using Trailhead, right? It was announced that Salesforce’s learning platform has finally gone mobile for iOS and IPadOS meaning you can learn on the go! The best news? It’s available right now!


7. The Décor

You know when you’ve arrived at a Salesforce event. You get to meet your favourite mascots and the decoration is always vibrant and exciting. Dreamforce really went the extra mile this year and transformed a whole area into a jungle, closing a whole street and decorating it to look like a theme park.



Have we missed anything that caught your eye? What were your favourite moments from Dreamforce 2019?

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