Utilize DevOps tools in a Salesforce CI/CD Workflow

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Developing under a CI/CD workflow

Salesforce platform admins, owners, and teams are facing increasing workloads due to new business requirements and opportunities. To manage these growing workloads and release high-quality development quickly to their customers, teams are implementing continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). The goal of CI/CD is to develop, assess and promote code faster and with less risk. Not only do Quality Clouds scans increase the quality of the code itself, but also natively integrates with multiple parts of the CI/CD pipeline (including IDE tools, release management tools, and a powerful portal with rich reports and KPIs), to help Salesforce customers maximize their platform ROI.

Developing under a CI/CD workflow and deploying business applications within the Salesforce environment, is a crucial aspect of business operations for many organizations. Utilizing a continuous development workflow as part of their adopted SDLC is a process that helps organizations streamline the development and deployment of Salesforce application development, by enabling a scalable collaboration between different development teams involved in the process.

CI/CD workflows provide organizations with a greater degree of control and accountability over changes made to their Salesforce applications. By integrating the Quality Clouds platform into the CI/CD workflow, organizations can identify errors early on and mitigate risk, while ensuring that the applications are of the highest quality and can be deployed to the customers in the most rapid method.

Ensuring best practices against your Salesforce environment

Quality Clouds integrates, extends, and complements organizations’ CI/CD workflow by applying Quality Clouds’ ever-growing library of best practices against an organization’s Salesforce environment for full visibility into each segment of the development process including production orgs, pre-production orgs, and Git repositories. The results of these scans give the Salesforce platform owners and teams immediate information about technical debt, where the issues reside, and severity levels and organize the issues by different impact areas, such as security, performance, manageability, & upgradability.

In addition to full scans into the existing Salesforce environment, Quality Clouds extends into real-time DevOps workflows by enabling preventative measures to ensure that no new issues are introduced into the environment. This is accomplished using Quality Clouds Live Check. Quality Clouds Live Check is integrated into the Salesforce developer console or Visual Studio Code. Each developer can check their code in real-time as they are developing, and Quality Clouds Live Check will immediately display any issues around governance, security, performance, or other issues found in the best practices library within the developer console.

Some organizations extend their Salesforce development workflow to include Git repositories for enhanced collaboration, automated deployment, increased velocity, and higher-quality, lower-risk releases. Quality Clouds works in these environments using the same best practices library but extending those scanning capabilities to individual feature branches. These scans can be automated or scheduled based on development schedules.


At Quality Clouds, we’re on a mission to help companies deliver Salesforce development projects on-time, on budget, and with the least amount of technical risk. Our customers extend Salesforce capabilities by integrating our always-on org scanning and configuration governance tools into their development workflows. They clean up orgs once and for all – and proactively keep them clean over the long haul. On average, QC customers see a 70% decrease in new technical debt while increasing productivity by 50%+. The result is more agile and efficient teams that can safely accelerate efforts to meet the increasing needs of the business.

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