Preventing critical ServiceNow issues: Effectively measuring performance and quality metrics

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To ensure your ServiceNow platform is functioning at peak efficiency, there are lots of metrics you need to proactively monitor. Whether it’s platform performance, release quality, or out of the box deviation, you should be monitoring these trends to deliver a best in class experience for your users. Quality Clouds makes this easy to achieve and we’ll show you how.

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Preventing risks

So how can we proactively manage risks and prevent critical issues? Visibility and full knowledge of what you’re working with make a big difference. You can’t prevent an issue you don’t know exists.

There are a number of important metrics you want to be tracking on your platform and have clear metrics you can feedback to your management. Scattered information and gut feelings are tricky to present as compelling evidence when investment is required. A lack of a full understanding also increases the chance that something slips under your radar until it grinds your development to a halt.

All of this means that you should be proactive in your prevention methods. The old adage that prevention is better than cure holds much weight in the development world. Not only is it quicker and easier to nip an issue in the bud at source, it is also significantly cheaper.


What you should be tracking

To prevent risks there are multiple things you should be tracking, but we’ll focus on some of the important ones here. Firstly you want to be tracking performance. This is a key indicator because of how heavily it will affect user experience. If the platform is slow or loading in a less than optimal way, expect your users to become dissatisfied and unhappy with using the platform. ServiceNow is there to help make their lives easier and having to fight against it due to poor optimization is something to avoid.

Secondly, you should always be conscious of data security and any potential data privacy issues. Data breaches are an expensive business and one that few companies can afford, with costs of $3.86 million on average. Ensuring your data is safe and not susceptible to attack can make the difference between success and failure for many businesses.

Other concerns that are worth paying attention to are the quality of releases and out of the box deviation. We’ve discussed both of those at length before, but both can add up to significant business costs if left unchecked.



Proactively managing platform risks and issues means you need to track them in a visually clear way. To learn more how to do that using Quality Clouds, make sure to sign up to the webinar. Register Now!

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