What is a Salesforce health check?

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Business moves too quickly for an annual Salesforce org health check to be enough. A quarterly check means you keep a clear picture of the healthiness of your org and the return on your Salesforce investment. It allows admins to optimise the system, without having to overhaul it. 

Quarterly Salesforce Health Checks

Performing quarterly health checks is becoming a must, and the benefits will keep your organisation on track. Making regular checks on your Salesforce orgs enables Admins to keep up-to-date with small-scale changes and wrest back control of the system. This will encourage user adoption, improve data security and keep the org scalable. The main benefits of more frequent health checks are:

Businesses that only have annual health checks are not looking after the value of their Salesforce investment. You can’t manage, or have control of, what you can’t see. A year is too long to leave it to review code and configuration, look at production or check the development environment. There are hundreds of best practices for an Admin to follow and hundreds of regular checks to perform. By the time the next health check comes round, the team has a huge overhaul to complete, slowing things up further. 

So how does a quarterly health check work? First, you need to connect your org or orgs to Quality Clouds. You can do this via our app available in the appexchange. Once it is connected, you can define when you want to run the scans and schedule them for the regular review. Each scan will take a few minutes to run and you will receive an automated email with the summary of the findings as well as a full report in the application with drill down charts. 

Four-step process to make your Salesforce org health check.

At Quality Clouds we run a four-step process to make your org clean, scalable and relevant to the business. 


We start by uncovering all the configuration elements in your org, including a history of actions. A full list of elements and applications will give you back control. We’ll also help you to understand the historical usage of your licences per department, and launch adoption programmes where necessary. 


Next, we assess all the findings against both Salesforce and industry best practices. We make configuration checks that review your declarative and programmatic customisations. You will understand which apps have been installed in the org, when and by who so you can start your decluttering process.


You receive a list of actionable items so the team can start cleaning and remediating your org. This might include:

– Security – identify and fix vulnerabilities, such as data management poor practices and GDPR controls.

– Review multiple orgs or the same at different moments in time and compare them side-by-side.

Reporting – badly-designed reports can affect the performance of your org dramatically. Create daily, weekly or monthly reports about the health of your org with KPIs for management. Set up daily alerts and get notified when something goes wrong in your org. Monitor governor limits, integrations, transaction times, loading times etc.

If you do some coding, you can check it in real-time against best practices with our Quality Clouds Chrome Plugin in the developer console.


Every time you do our outsource major configurations, we recommend running a full scan of the metadata so you can stop adding bad configuration into your productive org. 

The aim of performing regular health checks is to ensure that the new configuration will perform well and won’t add risks into your deployments so have the peace in mind that nothing will break.

For admins, quarterly health checks help them to keep control of the org. It means the organisation is getting the best value from its Salesforce investment and the technology can keep pace with the business. Innovative companies know that growth comes from this sort of good governance. 

Get started today! Install the app from the Salesforce Appexchange, download our check list, or drop us a line to find out more. 


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