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Our Quality Clouds development team in Barcelona has been very busy for the last few weeks. Actually, it has been quite hectic here, but fortunately we get to enjoy everything that Barcelona has to offer to unwind after our long days at the office!

We have been working in new features requested by our customers as well as the ones planned in our roadmap. Below is a summary of the  cool new stuff we have recently deployed:

On QC for ServiceNow:

Application Governance dashboard: Govern all the development activity happening in your instance on an application by application basis. Understand which elements have been changed from one date to another on your Change / Problem / Incident Management functionality, CMDB, Service Catalog, etc
GDPR dashboard: Include ServiceNow code analysis in your GDPR compliance strategy. Identify where possible Personal Identifiable Information is being manipulated in your code elements, or stored in your custom tables.
Catalog deep dive: Our customers were asking us for specific insights in Catalog since it is one of the most used functionalities in ServiceNow. Now you can get a detailed report of the healthiness of your catalog with actionable data to remediate possible problems found by QC.
New best practices added – we strive to have a complete set of best practices! Constant changes in each platform keep us working hard to keep up with best practices within each new product feature. You can check the release notes on https://docs.qualityclouds.com/display/QCD/Quality+Clouds+Release+Notes to keep up to date with our release schedule and changes. We do a release to production roughly every two weeks. Over the last few releases we have delivered over 30 new Best Practices, covering both ServiceNow and Javascript best practices. We have also started to analyse visual components, such as the number or sections in a form, and the number of fields in each form section, to detect bad UI practices
API: Access to the scan results via API and integrate them to any other external system you might think of.

New features for QC for Salesforce:

On the Salesforce space, we continue to increase our coverage of Configuration Elements. Over the past few releases we’ve added Workflows, Profiles, and Reports, and Lightning Components will soon be available.

We have also just released the Version Control dashboard. This will give users the ability to gain full visibility on the developer activity on each Org which is scanned by Quality Clouds.  In addition, it also allows users to easily visualize the evolution in configuration changes and code quality for a given Org at different points in time, or between two different Orgs. This is designed to support easy verification that two instances are aligned in terms of code and configuration. This is particularly useful before the start of a testing cycle, or to identify why two orgs which should be behaving in the same way are not.

And what’s next in the roadmap?

Write-off of issues: A so-wanted feature from our customers! Sometimes you just have to accept that in order to achieve the desired functionality you need to violate a recommended Best Practice. Soon you will have the ability to flag any issue reported by Quality Clouds as “accepted”, so that it does not show up in the scan in question, or in any later scan. This will help you focus on the issues which really matter to you. Of course, this selection can always be reviewed in a later stage. This feature will be simultaneously released for our Salesforce(r) and ServiceNow(r) products
Jenkins integration: We’ve had quite a few requests to be able to integrate a Quality Clouds scan in a Continuous Integration pipeline driven by Jenkins. In a way, this is already possible, since our API layer allows scans to be triggered programatically, and also to retrieve the results of a scan. However, we are working on a full Jenkins plugin, which will integrate all this functionality and make it easier to use within Jenkins.
New responsive User Interface: We are in the process of re-writing the whole presentation layer, in order to provide a more responsive and flexible user interface. All the dashboards will be implemented using the latest presentation technologies. In this way, you will be able to analyse the same high added value data sets generated by Quality Clouds in a more user friendly and visually attractive way.

And! By end of year, we plan to release our new support for Office365. This will include support for the Microsoft ERP solution, Dynamics 365. We are very excited to bring in another cloud platform into the Quality Clouds family!

Have a say – Do you want to ask for a new feature to our products? Please drop us a email to info(at)www.qualityclouds.com with your ideas and we will be happy to discuss them with you!

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