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Isn’t it time your Salesforce team became the “most agile in the organization?”

Teams are struggling to scale and build new functionality because of extensive legacy code clutter. And yet, Salesforce leaders and their teams at large companies are being tasked by their business partners to build and release faster than ever before.

Teams that can find extra speed, often see quality suffer as a result. Timo Schmitt, Salesforce COE lead at German industrial gases and engineering giant Linde Group found this. He says that prior to Quality Clouds; “we just spent too much time fixing problems instead of innovating. The infrequent and error-prone releases hampered the ability to scale.”

This is not an uncommon experience. Like Linde, too often teams are hampered by a constant need to fix issues through a slow and manual code review process. They find themselves in a vicious cycle of an inability to prevent technical debt coupled with a lack of visibility into the total health of their Salesforce environments. As a result, they are not meeting the needs of the business and in some cases even losing credibility.

We’re working with progressive Salesforce teams at companies like IHG, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and Linde. They have all realized that the remedy for unhealthy SaaS environments and slowing growth comes through the integration of a quality toolset into all development efforts and across all teams.

These modern, agile organizations extend Salesforce DX capabilities and achieve the needed change by adopting Quality Clouds’ always-on org scanning and developer-side governance tools into their process and workflows.

On average they see a 70% decrease in new technical debt while increasing productivity by over 50%. The result is a cleaned-up Salesforce environment, which will stay clean over the long haul. This Quality Mindset has become embedded across teams and processes. These teams have safely accelerated their pace of growth to meet the increasing needs of the business. As Timo from Linde proudly states:

The Salesforce CoE team became the most agile and effective DevOps team in the organization.

Timo Schmitt

See You March 7-8th at TrailblazerDX

As a rising Salesforce ISV in the Developer Experience (DX) DevOps arena, the Quality Clouds team is excited to showcase our development governance solution and story to the Trailblazer community gathering at TrailblazerDX 2023 March 7-8 in San Francisco.

We’ll look forward to meeting old and new industry colleagues and friends at Booth 13 in the heart of the sponsor exhibits next month.

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